About Us

Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform for researching stocks and understanding market trends. Our data coverage includes stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, FX, bonds, economics, news, and Twitter so you can have a god-like view of the markets. Koyfin is free, so go and try it!

Our Story

Koyfin was started by two former Wall Street veterans who were frustrated with the professional tools available to investors without access to Bloomberg or other high-priced platforms.They built all of Koyfin charting and dashboard tools from scratch to give investors the ultimate functionality to turn data into information.

Rob Koyfman and Rich Meatto previously worked on Wall Street analyzing stocks and macro trends. Rob brings a deep financial background within equities, options and macro strategies. Rich’s expertise is centered around fixed income, distressed securities, and special situations. Together they lead a team of developers and designers who are passionate about creating the best investment analytics platform in the market.


Rob Koyfman

Chief Executive Officer


Rich Meatto

Head of Product & Design


Our Investors