Advanced Graphing

Intuitively mix and match technical and fundamental data across all asset categories.


Save Graph Templates

Most features in Koyfin can be customized to suit your specific application – from advising wealth management clients to swing trading your own account. Charts can be saved as separate templates to highlight distinct components unique to your approach.

Save Graph Templates on Koyfin

Easy to Share

Download graphs to use in presentations or emails. Share your charts with colleagues, clients, and friends via a share link, or post to a website or blog by creating an embeddable link.


Historical Performance

Create performance charts to illustrate the actual rate of return over any given period of time, either pre-set durations or dates tailored for your specific purpose.

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Technical & Fundamental Indicators

Customize charts to include information reflective of your investment methodology or trading style. Add notes and annotate charts to highlight trends, prices, or percentage moves. Koyfin charts can be configured to include more than 100 fundamental, technical, and valuation indicators.


Embed Financial Charts

Seamlessly embed charts in your website or blog to give your readers a rich experience with interactive charts.