Koyfin is the most trusted Google Finance Alternative

Analyze stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, economics and other asset classes all in one place for free.

Koyfin is a great alternative to Google Finance.

Koyfin offers substantially more information. The Koyfin research platform is web-based and allows investors to analyze stocks, exchange-traded funds, open- and closed-end mutual funds, and global financial markets. Koyfin provides information and analysis on global macroeconomic trends in addition to its domestic research capabilities. Koyfin is used by financial salespeople, investment advisors, research analysts, and retail investors looking for understanding and seeking to profit in the financial markets worldwide.

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Wall Street Estimates

One screen lets you monitor earnings estimates and price targets from analysts across Wall Street and view historical changes and trends in consensus estimates for earnings, sales, and operating profits.

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Ultimate Graphing Functionality

Understand the drivers of fx performance by graphing against stocks, ETFs, bond yields or economic data. Analyze price, correlation, beta, or any technical indicator.

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Create Watchlists

Use MyDashboard to create dozens of custom watchlists. Tailor each using the specific data points that fit your unique investment management style and personal preferences from hundreds of sortable criteria.

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Corporate Credit Dashboard

Track corporate credit index performance, yields and spreads.

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